Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Burn After Reading !!!

Enough of Over thinking …
                                                                   -Manjunath J hassan

Fasten your seat belts; I wanna take you to the place where you can meet another version of yourself.
Small questions, how many types the things around you can be classified? Is there a way to travel time in sideways? By the time you find the answer for the above questions, you can be in a place which is out of our galaxy, may be the universe, it’s not a joke you will find a way at the end of this….

There are only 2 types the things can be classified, one which obeys the classical theory of science like apple falling from the tree and device from you are reading now… Let me introduce you to the second kind which follows the craziest theories like quantum mechanics. They are least form of matter like atoms, subatomic particles… we can imagine the entire universe with two kinds of things as classified above. The second kind of things is rather an element inside a first kind of elements. The history of science states that the property of a particle should be same as the property of system made up of same particles. If we have the same notion on the elements of universe means its weird to think that both first and second kind of elements are bounded on same principles same theories… it’s like you holding a number of universe in an apple and our entire universe is in the hands of someone else.! And where’s that someone else is standing on?!! Don’t blame me for this freak, it’s not my thing, it’s the thing that me and you accepted from the distant past. If we make the sense of present day’s science this might be the ultimate result that we come up with we need some fictional science to describe the universe something that should sound like imaginary science or definitely, may be Kind of science

Let me give you more on this, you have tennis ball projectile and a wall with two slits as below.

Turn on the projector. The ball just starts ejecting in all direction and bounce back from the wall except the slits space. As expected at one instant one ball passes through slit. As I told ball belongs to first kind of element. Miniaturize the whole thing, Replace projectile by electron gun (a second kind of element). Now we must except the same but freakiest part starts here you end up having the electron as a photon at the two slits at same instant one electron existing in two places in same instant. It’s the natural property of electron or any other subatomic particles even an atom and we consider this element belongs to second kind. If an atom can exist at two places in same time means why can’t we? As we made up of the same thing..!! Isn't funny you watching two movies at the same time. While technically incorrect and looked by the sci-fi fans, it breaks into the brain.

 Multiple version or alternate future or history its not just a fiction by now .its globally accepted with time being the fourth dimension ,the alternate reality seems difficult to analyze ,we need probability to define if we have alternate reality for alternate history or future .  You may close this article or continue reading that depends on you, rather a probability. Imagination is the ultimate limitation, why can’t we use probability as a fifth dimension. Perhaps the most common use of this concept in imaginary science in the hyperspace often refers to a faster than a light short cut for interstellar travel. The travel time between two points in the hyperspace universe is much shorter than the time to travel two  points in our universe. It’s like you having a two points in the paper and the shortest distance is the straight line, now crumple the paper you will get a new short distance path. You can crumple such that the distance between two points is zero but in this compact spatial dimension what about co-ordinate axis that we have made as common spatial entity in the hyperspace, physicist often referred that as wormhole. Multiple connected space, like shortest distance between poles of earth can be made shorter by drilling a hole from one pole to another, but no one has found that till, if it is possible to create a wormhole. It may take energy way beyond our imagination. Then we can stand in two places at same time. The parallel world really exists then, you can shake hands with your multiple versions..!! Your time seems very slow like a second as a year. There will be no need for the time between the worlds to match up. What would every event they could happen more ways the universe in branch off in many ways that means we divided into multiple version, you need to cross the light barrier but it seems impossible. How about collapsing the space in front of you and simultaneously expanding the space behind you. It’s a way we can travel between two extremities without actually moving an inch..!! That’s more than a fantasy. One motif is that the time flow in a parallel universe may be very different, so that after meeting with your multiple versions, you might find time passed very different from where you left behind. After meeting you may fall 2-3 centuries behind or forward!

 Really I messed this up with you, the division between sci-fi and fantasy becomes fuzzier than usual, and technology comes after the imagination. Fiction may seem funnier once flying was a fiction to us, now it’s a common reality. Hang on. Is shadow belongs to first kind or second kind of element? Your perception what matters at the end. What are your multiple versions may be doing now? What about the time in your alternate reality? What will be your alternate future or past? I know you will never get an answer to anything, just erase everything from your mind, just go back to the title ones you may find the answer…

Inspired from
Wachowski brothers (makers of matrix series)