Friday, 29 December 2017

Why do I climb ?

I could see my whole life rolling in front of my eyes. I was at the altitude of 15000 ft from sea level somewhere in Himalayan ranges and it’s not the mightier of mountains that I came across but the snow storm and poor visibility at 4 AM made it mightiest and scariest. It was clear to us from our Sherpa that we must get down soon before it becomes worse. After all the hard times climbing for a week, I had to climb down without making it to the summit and we were standing short of 300 ft from summit. It takes 500 pounds to crush a human skull but the fact is how mere the human emotion is. My Survival instincts were overriding all my human emotions. I always wanted to make it to the summits and I wanted to know why it’s so important for me to make it there. I could never come with a refute for why do I really want to climb? I could not control the unstoppable thoughts riding my cerebrum. I was left with no options and I knew “Mountain never gives you a second chance”. You fall, you will die with it!! I had to start climbing down with disappointments and my heavy backpack.

Started my way back to civilization with regrets of not making it to summit. It was 430AM and I could see my path in front of me and it was like one feet in width on the edges and cliffs of the mountain and the day broke. I was bewildered with view in front of my eyes. How did I made it? That was my first thought. It was the most amazing and godly view in front of me with the mountain barrier gazing at me from all the corners and snowflakes covering everywhere. I could not resist to stop and appreciate the creation. I would have missed that if I made it to summit. Sometimes life gives you lemonade when you expect lemons. All I could think of is, to tell everyone on this planet why I climb. I wanted to show this to everyone who came to me with this question, why do I climb? Yes, I have the answer now. I opened my gloves and my fingers looks frozen and I was fruitful in changing the battery for my gopro camera. I wanted to shoot every minute of that moment and tell the world why do I climb. I was able put my camera on my head strap and it stared recording every bit of it. Here comes the giant leap I was standing one step away from my death, I could see everything in front of me now. Every breeze was telling me to have faith and move forward and I had to choose wisely on my steps from infinite possibilities. I was missing every person that I ever come across. My life was at a point of infinite value it was clear for me what singularity means that day which I never understood from my physics books. I made it to the next safe base camp after 3 hours with my gopro recording every bit of it.

I am sharing a glimpse of it : Not sure of the compressed video quality

It may be a journey of 3 hours but it’s worth much as traveling the whole world and meeting thousands of people. I rate those 3 hours as my best moments out of all the points in my timescale. Somewhere in the middle of that mountain I met myself and I figured out how beautiful this world is, call me crazy but I want to be immortal. I show those videos to every person comes to me with this question but the story behind is still unfathomable.


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  1. "I would have missed that if I made it to summit. Sometimes life gives you lemonade when you expect lemons"-This is the much needed perspective for many of us and personally to me for sure. That Heavy baggage of not completing the summit turn bit lighter after this insightful reading. CLIMB ON... :)